Chair yoga

This yoga practice is suitable for any age or physical abilities. The exercises will be done seated in a chair with some standing work using the chair for support. Yoga poses, breath and meditation will be incorporated in this class.

​​​slow flow yoga 

Begin class with a body scan and gentle movements to warm up the body.  Slowly flow through postures and ending with a breathing practice and short guided savasana or meditation.  This class is accessible to any age or level. 

Gentle Yoga

A class for those that need a slower pace or a more therapeutic practice.  This class is designed for students seeking the benefits of yoga in a relaxing and restorative practice.  Gentle movements and supported postures can improve range of motion, reduce pain and the effects of stress.  No prior yoga experience is required.

self-care yoga

This class is themed each week with a focus on a specific area of the body or energy center.  Each class may include a variety of healing arts such as mantras, mudras, yoga poses, meditation, sound healing, restorative poses and essential oils.  No prior yoga experience is required.

Functional Fitness

This class focuses on functional movement and strength patterns designed to increase flexibility and strength for daily living activities. Functional fitness will help to improve balance and coordination used in daily activities and help to undo what occurs in the aging process. We will use hand weights, the stability ball, BOSU, bands and kettlebells in a fun and challenging class.