How does Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine work together?

Updated: Mar 10

What happens when you combine two ancient healing practices and merge them together? They can help to alleviate many issues that affect the body and mind. A yoga instructor ideally would have some training in both disciplines. A yoga pose and the corresponding acupressure points work together through stretches from the pose, or by applying pressure from your hands or from a myofascial release ball.

This work is usually done in a private session to uncover various issues the client may be experiencing such as back pain, headaches, allergies, etc. Based on the intake and evaluation the instructor would then choose poses and particular acupressure points to demonstrate for the client. The client would continue to practice the poses and acupressure points at home to help alleviate the problem areas.

What is energy (Qi) and how does it move through the body?

We all have connective tissue in our bodies that surrounds our muscles, bones, ligaments, organs and nerves. This tissue is called fascia and it is made of ground substance and collagen. This matrix is where our cells live and where the meridian channels travel all through the body. When we practice yoga and are applying pressure to our bodies it can directly affect the tissue and the fascia. The pressure will cause the fluid in the fascia to be squeezed out and then when we release the pressure more fluid can flow into these areas. As a result, the area which may have been dehydrated (pain) will now be nourished and toxins or emotions can be released. The Qi flows all through this network and when we practice yoga or receive an acupuncture treatment this blocked energy can be released. This release technique can help to relieve various types of problems, such as back pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, neck pain and more.

If you would like to experience this style of yoga please contact me for more information about private sessions. You can also try the Seasonal Yoga class (aka Self-Care yoga) where I teach classes based on the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine.

Use of a yoga block to apply pressure on the forehead (Yin tang point) for stress relief.

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