Why a private session?

Updated: Mar 10

When I first starting taking yoga classes I did not understand why I could not get my body into some of the poses. And why can't I do a wheel pose when everyone else in the room was doing the pose?? I felt frustrated and almost gave up on yoga. But then I decided to work with a teacher in a private session for an assessment of where I needed to strengthen and where I needed to release. My practice began to feel better in my body and I was able to embrace where I was in my own practice. Then after that I fell in love with my yoga practice. So much so that I took a yoga teacher training and the rest is history.

So, if you feel like you are struggling in some of the poses, or are managing a condition or injury

then seeing a yoga teacher for a private session may be just what you need.

Here are some ideas of what you might want to work on in a private session:

  • Refinement of poses

  • Modification of poses (props, chair yoga, etc)

  • Strengthening

  • Pain management (mayofascial release, Somatic movement, acupressure points)

  • Creating a practice specific to your needs (injury, sleep, energy level, etc.)

  • Meditation and mudras specific to you (reduce stress, anxiety, etc)

Next step is to find an instructor that you trust.

  • Find a studio (virtual or in-person) and take some classes to see if their teaching style resonates with you.

  • Decide what time of day works best for you, if you are an early riser then mornings might work better, but if you work, then you might need late afternoon or evenings. One benefit of private sessions is you can pick the time that works for you.

  • What to expect in your first session; An intake, usually a form or maybe verbal. You will need to provide relevant medical history, medications and exercise background. Possibly a postural assessment to find any imbalances (pelvis, shoulder, etc.)

  • Once you have experienced a private session you can continue taking group yoga classes and you can decide how often you might benefit from another. Some folks like every week, once per month or every six months. Definitely revisit if you have had any changes such as surgery, joint replacement or childbirth.

Hope this helps you to find more joy in your practice!

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self"....The Bhagavad Gita

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